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Welcome to my website! There’s a good chance that you landed on this page because you’re looking to compare web hosting services with these requirements in mind:

  • Affordability
  • Uptime
  • Speed
  • Solid customer service

As of 2021, the number of websites online is rapidly approaching 2 billion, many users are small business owners, bloggers, web designers, developers – and of course shoppers (source: Live Internet Stats).

Your website host provides an online home for your website. It stores your site on one or more servers so that anyone can access it using a browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

With this in mind, your choice of web hosting providers and the plan you select is important. There are many companies that offer web hosting services on many levels. Below is a list of them that I think have some great features at the best prices.


Free Starter
SEO Optimization
30 GB of Space
Load Time 1.3 Seconds
500,000 Visitors/Month
Free SSL Certificate
Daily Website Backups
24/7/365 Tech Support
Strong Site Security
1 Free Website
Mobile-ready themes
Free domain emails

Free website
Easy setup
SiteProtect Security
1-Click upgrade
No banner ads

Limited plugins
Limited themes
Free sites all have URL with extension

SiteRubix is great for beginners with its easy step-by-step set up. Powered by Wealthy Affiliate, anyone can have a fully functional WordPress website up and running in just a few minutes. You can even incorporate affiliate links and ads within your free site. The free website option is excellent for those that want to try building a website blog without paying a dime. Create great content on your free SiteRubix website and rank in search engines for free. Starting a free website on SiteRubix through Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to the first 10 modules of world class affiliate marketing training and a community of entrepreneurs that can help you get started.

Shared Starter
1 Website
Free Domain (1st yr)
50 GB Storage
Unlimited Traffic
Auto Site Backup
Free SSL Certificate
3-Year/1-Year/Monthly Plans
97-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Free Website Migration
24/7 Support

Strong security features.
Extensive domain-management tools.
Excellent cloud hosting offerings.
Unlimited data transfers per month.
Generous money-back guarantee.
Useful WordPress staging feature.

No Windows-based servers.
No reseller hosting plans.
No telephone support.

DreamHost features great speeds and a 100% uptime guarantee. Their generous 97-day money-back guarantee speaks volumes for their product confidence and is hard to pass up. An employee-owned company, DreamHost provides excellent 24/7 customer service. A company that follows an environmentally responsible business model, they're always looking for ways to lessen their eco footprint.

Economy Plan
1 Website
Uptime 99.9%
Free Domain for 1 year
100 GB Storage
Unmetered Bandwidth
Auto Site Backup
1 GB SQL Database
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Free WordPress Migration
24/7 Phone Support

1-Click WordPress Install
Multiple Payment Options
Windows & Linux OS
1-Click add-on installs

Support not always prompt
Restoration Fees Apply
Limited Live Chat Support.

GoDaddy has been in the web hosting business for 22 years and is widely recognized as a domain registration and web hosting provider. GoDaddy offers reliable and affordable WordPress hosting plans, one-click installs, and the latest updates, so you have the most recent features available for your site. They offer a great selection of themes and add-ons for site enhancement. If you have multiple sites, then consider the Deluxe plan as it offers unlimited websites, storage, and bandwidth at a very reasonable introductory price.

Basic Plan
Uptime 99.9%
Load Speed 405ms
Free Domain (1st Year)
50 GB SSD Storage
Free Domain for 1 Year
Free SSL Certificate
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
25 Subdomains
24/7 Phone, Email, Chat Support

Uptime 99.99%
Load Speed 405ms
SiteLock Security
1-Click WordPress Install
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Phone, email, chat support

High Renewal Rates
Site transfers are not free

All Bluehost plans include unlimited bandwidth, 5 email accounts, unmetered bandwidth, five email accounts, and a free domain for the first year.  Customer support is available 24/7 through phone, email, or live chat. Additionally, they offer strong security support, a money-back guarantee, and lots of user-friendly apps to use with your site building and management. Their introductory rates are the lowest around. However, expect a substantial increase after the introductory rate ends. They charge a fee for site migrations which other hosts do for free. Hosting
Free Website
Free Subdomain
3 GB Storage
24/7 Support

Free website
Easy to use
Upgradeable to premium
24/7 Forum support

No custom domain names
Ad banner displays
No monetizing/e-commerce
Limited customization
No plugins is owned and managed by Automatic, Inc. and offers a basic website for free. is a basic service that features online support with step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and forums in multiple languages. A wide selection of responsive, mobile-friendly themes are offered to suit anyone's taste. Support is available 24/7 through email and community forums. This option is good for those just looking to create a blog at no cost and you don't mind the customization and monetizing restrictions.

Upgrades to premium plans are available with advanced features like custom domain names, extra storage, and access to premium themes. Paid plans also include access to their staff of "Happiness Engineers" who are available via live chat for real‑time assistance.

Premium Shared Hosting
Unlimited Number of Websites
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth
WordPress Acceleration (LSCWP)
Free SSL Certificate & Domain
2X Allocated Resources
30-day money-back guarantee
24/7/365 Support

99.99% uptime
30-day money-back guarantee
Unlimited SSD disk space
Unlimited bandwidth
Free daily & weekly data backups
Free SSL certificate
Bitninja security
1-click WordPress auto-installer

No phone support

Hostinger has a history that goes back to 2004 when it was founded under the name of "Hosting Media," Since its humble beginning, the Lithuania-based company has expanded with offices worldwide with more than 29 million customers and growing.  Shared hosting rates start for a little as $.99 per month based on a 4-year subscription. Seems like a long introductory period. Nonetheless, not a bad deal at the cost of $47.52 for 4 years of great web hosting services. Upgrades can be done at any time.

Compare Web Hosting Services – Shared Website HostingCompare Web Hosting Services - Shared Hosting Image

Shared web hosting houses many websites on a single network server. This is usually the least expensive option as the maintenance costs are shared among the subscribers.

This type of hosting is a good way to get started with your internet presence because of its low introductory rates. In shared hosting, the provider is generally responsible for managing server resources. These services include server software installation/upgrades, security updates, technical support, and others.

Shared website hosting is best for those with smaller websites that have relatively lesser requirements for processing, memory, and bandwidth. For example, hobbyists and small businesses are likely candidates for shared web hosting.

Compare Web Hosting Services – Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a service that maintains the behind-the-scenes technical areas of the WordPress environment. These include server speed, website uptime, security, daily backups, software updates, and scalability. Many web hosting services have included managed WordPress hosting packages due to their popularity.

Compare Web Hosting Services – Dedicated Servers

In a dedicated hosting plan, the server is exclusively yours and you don’t share RAM (Random Access Memory), processing power, or bandwidth with anyone else. This plan is best if you have a high volume of traffic on your website. The result is a superb performance for your projects, even under high workloads. Dedicated hosting plans come in two types: managed and unmanaged. In the managed service the host takes care of the technical tasks like optimizing, backups, and security. The unmanaged dedicated server plan will require you to take care of those duties.

Compare Web Hosting Services – Cloud Hosting ServicesCompare Web Hosting Services - Cloud Computing Image

Cloud hosting makes use of virtual network resources that include servers, data storage, and printers. All of these are provided by the web host through a single service.

Server resources are created as needed and provide a computing environment for applications and data storage for multiple users at the same time. For example, a physical server can be virtualized and combined to host several cloud servers, all of them sharing the processing power, memory, storage, and other network resources.

Compare Web Hosting Services – Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) or Cloud Servers allow you to scale resources as you need them, rather than being restricted by the limitations of a physical server. VPS servers use processing power (CPU), memory (RAM), and storage from various network resources depending on your requirements. This type of configuration provides scalable and cost-effective resource allocation.

Customer ServiceCompare Web Hosting Services - Customer Service Rep Image

Good customer service is one of the core features that make a web hosting provider stand out from its competition. It’s their business to provide timely solutions to any problems or questions that arise either before, during, or after your membership.

Unexpected issues are inevitable at times and it’s nice to have experts you can turn to for help. Most of the providers offer technical assistance by phone, email, or online chat. The wait times have never been longer than 3 minutes and the technician is usually very knowledgeable and can resolve any issues quickly. All of the services have extensive FAQ pages where you can look up information or answers to your questions. Most critically, getting your questions or problems resolved quickly is a good sign of a well-managed web hosting provider as it speaks volumes for the priority they give their subscribers.

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.” Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

If you have a large website with several pages, images, and large page sizes, you’ll want to go with unlimited bandwidth (or traffic) to prevent losing production or sales.

Compare Web Hosting Services – The Bottom Line

There are lots of web hosting providers out there from which to choose. All are competitive in terms of pricing, offerings, and performance. Ultimately, the provider that you sign up with will depend on your needs and budget. I found that many of the biggies offered the same services and comparable levels of performance in terms of load speeds and uptime. The differences were mainly in the entry prices that ranged from free to around $5 per month.

The internet has changed the way we shop around for our needs. That includes web hosting services. Search online reviews from actual customers for the most candid evaluations.

Finally, a review of the web hosting providers’ policies to ensure what you can expect of them and what they expect of their customers. The policy should state clearly their money-back guarantee so you can get a refund if you’re not satisfied with their services.

Compare Web Hosting Services – Web Hosting Q & A

The following are some web hosting terminology that you will come across when shopping around for hosting services. Each one is explained in terms that are easy to understand and will hopefully make your selection easier.

What is Bandwidth? How does it affect my site visitors’ experience?

In web hosting services, bandwidth measures the capacity of data that can be transferred from one point to another within a specific amount of time. Your website data is made up of your pages, images, and lines of programming code. When someone accesses your website, all of that data is sent to their computer or mobile device. Hosting providers usually offer “Unlimited” or a stated limit of Gigabytes per second (GBps or GB/s) or Terabytes per second (TBps or TB/s). Note that bandwidth is not internet speed which is a common misconception.

You can calculate your site bandwidth requirements at any time to ensure that you have enough to accommodate your site visitors. As your website grows and you have more visitors, you will require more bandwidth. You can easily upgrade your site to cloud hosting services where bandwidth is unlimited.

What is CDN?
CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of servers that are placed in different geographic locations with mirrored copies of websites and databases. Having copies of websites in multiple locations allows your web hosting service to deliver content in the quickest and most efficient manner.

Web Hosting Q & A

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing distributes your website data among an entire network of data centers and an abundant amount of resources. One of the primary benefits of using cloud hosting services is its flexibility in building applications, websites, and other services. Cloud usage is scalable as customers are charged only for the services they use and do not pay for any unused capacity. This makes cloud hosting a relatively cost-effective method of network operations and storage.

What is DDoS?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a server or network cyber-attack that inhibits or prevents full network functionality. A DDoS attack usually starts with malware distributed among vulnerable devices in the network. When a set number of devices are infected with the malware, an attack is launched, and each system begins sending a flood of requests to the target server or network. The traffic overload causes a performance slowdown or complete failure altogether.

What is Domain Parking?

Domain parking refers to the registration of an internet domain name without that domain being associated with any services such as e-mail or a website. This may have been done with a view to reserving the domain name for future development, and to protect against the possibility of cybersquatting.

What is PHP 7?

PHP 7 is the latest version of a programming language with enhancements for web applications that run at the most optimal speed while making the best use of system resources.

Web Hosting Q & A

What is SSL?

Developed in 1995 by Netscape, Secured Socket Layer (SSL) was the first widely used network protocol to allow encrypted communications between network devices. SSL technology creates a secure link between a web hosting server and browser to ensure privacy and integrity with data transmission.

What is SSD?
A solid-state drive (SSD) is a storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies to store data persistently. These devices typically use flash memory and functioning as secondary storage in the hierarchy of computer storage. It is also sometimes called a solid-state device or a solid-state disk. SSDs lack the physical spinning disks and movable read-write heads used in hard drives (“HDD”) or floppy disks.

SSD’s are a type of storage device that uses flash memory to store data. These drives provide better reliability and is more efficient than hard disk drives. Moreover, since SSDs don’t have any moving parts, they use less power to function. This results in longer battery life for laptops.

The benefit of solid-state drives is that they allow faster caching, database queries and websites to function up to 200 percent faster than the older technology of hard disk drives (HDDs). A faster website means that your visitors will enjoy their browsing experience on your site.

Web Hosting Q & A

What is a Subdomain?

Search engines regard subdomains as websites that are separate from its parent domain. Subdomains can be used to serve different niche market segments. A subdomain is a branch of your master domain and is useful for organizing your business. The URL for a subdomain is easily identified by the same root URL with a different name to the left. For example, a domain URL of could have and as subdomains.

What is Virtual? And how does it apply to servers?

Virtual refers to something that’s not real. The term is widely used in the information technology field when referring to a concept or an image as opposed to physical reality. For example, an vision for a new rocket invention and the physical rocket itself. The idea (vision) represents the virtual side and the new rocket is the physical result of that idea.

A virtual server in a web hosting environment mimics a dedicated server and is created as needed with different IP addresses, operating systems, administration, and security.

What is VPS?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is set up on a physical server and configured with several virtual servers. Each virtual server is managed separately and can run using different operating systems like Linux, Windows, etc.

Thank you for browsing my website. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions about the best web hosting services below and I will respond to all of them.

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